[ILUG-BOM] Installing Linux

noel seq noelseq@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Jun 25 16:33:02 IST 2001

I am unable to install RHL 6.2 on my 20 GB Hdd. The partitions created are 2 
gb Win 250 mb /boot 256 mb swap and 3 gb linux. The rest of the spave is 
kept blank.

After creating the partitions, setting up the ip and the xserver, it 
installs the rpms after this it gives the following error

exception occurred

/usr/bin/anaconda line 342, in ?

and the error list goes on. I tried installing specific rpms and still the 
same problem. I have installed with the same cd a few times previously 
without any problems. what could be the error.

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