[ILUG-BOM] Linux Networking Gurus -- HELP

Sachin Prabhu sachin@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Jun 25 23:02:03 IST 2001


I am facing a problem configuring my linux box as a load balancer..
right now, i have two connections on to the net, 1) a 256 kbps leased line and 2) a cable modem
ie 2 default routes and 2 diffrent ip addresses... 

What i need to know is howto configure my linux box so that i could use both these net connections from my main linux router and they should masquarade the connections.

I have checked out equal cost multipath.. the problem here is that it uses a round robin method to send data.. uses the first default route for one ip address then the second for the next ie per-connection balancing .. 
The problem here is that it seems to distribute the bandwidth equally. The leased line should handle more bandwidth than the cable modem. I could be wrong here, has any one done this ??

TEQL: this is per-packet balancing... it is more useful for local clustering than bonding upstreams for internet feeds..  am not sure on wether it would handle masquerading.

also seen some thing in the ip command  
ip route add default scope global nexthop via nexthop via
but this seems to send fragments across diffrent default routes (, ie per-packet balancing... dunno wether it will work with masquarading.

Is it that i'm just missing something with the above solutions...

The closest I get to my requirements would be equal cost multipath method.... any thing better ???

Also i cannot experiment on these links.

Has any one done it before ??? 


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