[ILUG-BOM] [COMM] --- Workshop on VB COM ,MTS and MS-Project

Manish Jethani cruisecoder@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Jun 26 19:09:24 IST 2001

Sometime yesterday, sangeeta wrote:

> Please find attached details for the VB COM, MTS and MS-Project
> programs being conducted at Resonance from 27-30 June 2001 and 02-04
> July respectively.

Why did I get this mail???!!  What does VB COM, MTS and MS-Project have
to do with GNU/Linux?  I didn't join this list for this!!!  I also got a
bloody damn 276 KB attachment with this message!

Sangeeta, you seem to believe that everyone has a huge mailbox and a
superfast Net connection.

Sysad, please look into this.


Age is a tyrant who forbids, at the penalty of life, all the pleasures
of youth.

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