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Wed Jun 27 02:14:46 IST 2001

Sometime on Jun 26, Triptpal Singh Lamba assembled some asciibets to say:

You may want to start by fixing your line length to 72 characters, and
using a meaningful subject.

> i am an absolutely faltu (read -just finished his Be comps last week
> ) ideal mind (what was it ideal minds being devils workshops)....

No, that was `The idle mind'.  Ideal is completely different.

> now i really want to learn network programming,shell scripting ..any
> gurus/good traning institutes in mumbai -- ? or do u all know any

Read the rfc's.  I can't recommend any books because I haven't read any
except for Tanenbaum, but that's not for programming.  I believe that
the only way to learn is to do it, so just jump right in and start
programming, even if you don't know what you are doing.  You may want to
download some programs.

I would actually suggest that you read the perl ipc man page
(man perlipc).  Search for Sockets:, and copy/paste the sample code from
there.  Then, find out what each function in that code does.  Once
you've understood that, try to reimplement it in C.

> books /sites... i will be installing redhat 6.2 this week end frm
> pcq2k cd..i do have suse linux -- is redhat a good choice ?

No.  Redhat is not a good choice.  Debian is a good choice.

> (phillip u may run the mile - hey u are the guy who made that

No, I'm Philip.  Phillip is someone else.

> useful(read less) thingy industrial revolution ;) i am frm rait

It was The Information Revolution, and ya, I wrote it.  Useless,
possibly, but the point wasn't the content, but the fact that it's an
engine for content delivery.  That's what I developed.


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