[ILUG-BOM] rpm upgrade

Sameer D. Sahasrabuddhe sam_buddhe@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Jun 28 21:55:06 IST 2001

noel wrote:

>I was installing rpm-3.0.6-6xa.ppc.rpm and it gave me a failed 
>dependencies error :
>ld.so.1 and
>I have already installed ld.so-1.9.5-13.i386.rpm

Find out where this package installs its files. It will probably have files 
with similar sounding names but with higher version numbers. All you need 
to do is create symlinks to these files, with the above names. You can use 
`ln -s' to do that. I think libbz2.so.1 will be from the bz2 package. 
Again, do the same for that.

Also  you can use http://rpmfind.net to locate packages using the names of 
the files you need ...

Man, things would have been so much easier if rpm had the power of apt ... 
but don't despair, things do work out really well if you stick to them!


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