[ILUG-BOM] Zen, network topology, and Linux.

Satya satyap@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jun 29 15:24:35 IST 2001


I have a DSL connection to the World. A hub is plugged into it, and
2-6 computers into the hub. Naturally, the computers have a class C 
(?) between them, which should not be routable from the World. The
computers have their own connection to the World through the hub and
DSL. I think the whole thing is a star topology, at least for the
internal network.

Is what I have described above correct, and possible? I suppose
ideally, one of the Linux boxen would get the DSL line and act as
firewall to the rest through the hub?

Now... whichever way, how do I do it on Linux? ipchains alone is

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