[ILUG-BOM] Re: Rediffmail line length.

Nikhil Karkera ianmalc@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jun 29 15:43:34 IST 2001

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Philip S Tellis <philip.tellis at iname.com> wrote:

Your line length's too long man.

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I thought I'd include this in my previous mail,
but didn't. Should have.

I wrote to Rediffmail about fixing the
line length to about 72, or providing an option
to do so in the preferences. The first time
'round they misunderstood "length" for *size*
of the mail. I wrote again, making things very
clear. That mail got no reply, and its been
almost a month now, so I'm guessing they don't
want to reply.

I know there's atleast one person on this list
who's from Rediff. Can he do something? Mr. RM?

Anyway, till then, I'm going to be doing it 
manually. Carriage returns :)


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