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S. Krishnan sri_krishnan@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Jul 19 13:45:05 IST 2001

--- Darshan.wakchaure at lntinfotech.com wrote:
> Hi,
>  Having problem telnetting to Linux machine.
> I have installed PCQ7.1 RHL7.1 based Linux on my
> server. But unable to get
> thru the telnet issue.
>  Getting "connection refused" error, for which i
> checked telnetting from
> server and found that the service itself is not up,
> how do i start it ??

su to root, edit /etc/inetd.conf, and uncomment the
telnet entry (and the entries for any other service
that you may want to enable that is listed in
inetd.conf).  Also, be sure to read the documentation
(man pages) for inetd and inetd.conf.



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