[ILUG-BOM] Swap full

Pablo Ares Gastesi pablo@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Jul 21 08:14:02 IST 2001


> what are the remedies available when your swap space is
> reported as being full?

  One obvious option is to create more swap. You can create swap files
(mkswap(8)) as you need and add them with swapon.

> this hasnt happened to me, but i'm just curious to know...
> Incidentally, what is the origin of this rule that i keep hearing - 
> swap space = 2 * RAM
> I've heard this kind of rule being recommended when you're running SAP,
> but for home systems??????? especially when most home PC's are touching
> 256/512MB.....

   I think it is because Linux started on machine with small RAM (I have
run it in a 386 with 8MB). Now it does not make so much sense, right?
As you say, if you have a machine with 512 MB RAM, would you put 1GB
swap? Only if you expect the machine to be heavily loaded, I guess....

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