[ILUG-BOM] Dial-Up and DSL on RH 6.2 server?

rdkoli at antispam rdkoli@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Jul 22 00:56:03 IST 2001

I have a RH 6.2 setup with DHCP server, DNS Caching server, IPChains enabled
for net sharing, on a normal Dial-Up connection, which is working perfectly
fine for my LAN.

Now, we are going to ADD a DSL connection to the same setup, and same
purpose. For which we will be adding a 10/100 mbps LAN card.

Since, the review of DSL connection at my place is not good, I wish to
continue with my Dial-Up connection, whenever there is a bandwidth problem. 

Having 2 network cards, 1 modem, can you pls suggest me what changes should
i make to my existing setup.

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