[ILUG-BOM] Output of my /var/log/messages. Please help.

Philip S Tellis philip.tellis@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Jul 22 15:21:54 IST 2001

Sometime on Jul 21, Satish Dasi assembled some asciibets to say:

Please fix your line length.

> Jul 19 00:11:44 blwbsrv rpc.statd[573]: gethostbyname error for
> ^X÷ÿ¿^X÷ÿ¿^Y÷ÿ¿^Y÷ÿ¿^Z÷ÿ¿^Z÷ÿ¿^[÷ÿ¿^[÷ÿ¿%8x%8x%8x%8x%8x%8x%8x%8x
> %8x%236x%n%137x%n%10x%n%192x%n\220\220\220....................

statd is a known security hole.  Consider not using it, or getting a
patched version.  It is very likely that someone is trying a buffer
overflow on statd.  If your version was patched, then you have nothing
to worry about (yet).

Stay up to date with all security fixes.


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