[ILUG-BOM] [OT] advice on graphics hardware

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Mon Sep 3 11:37:02 IST 2001


	Why not use GeForceIII or other such card? I heard somewhere
that Matrox is slowly losing in competition and performance as well. I
use a RivaTNT2 card and it has good performance, but I don't think it
will satisfy the need for very high end graphics that you are looking
for. Also, why are you going in for a branded PC? Try assembling your
own PC. Its fun to build them and its very cheap as compared to branded
	Also, try going in for a very good Motherboard too. FSB matters
a lot. I would personally recommend an ASUS board. I myself use this
board. A real performer. 

	Alternatively, since you are putting in so much money, why not
put some more and go for an SGI (Silicon Graphics) workstation? It


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> hello!
> i'm involved(well....indirectly) in a purchase decision for a 
> computer.
> it's main purpose is running graphics software(3DMax and that sort)
> The main contender is HP Vectra, with a Matrox card (agp).
> Please let me know of any experiences you guys might have with this
> model / graphics
> card (suggestions welcome please..its a 80K computer!)
> regards,
> kishor
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