[ILUG-BOM] fortune

Manish Jethani cruisecoder@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Sep 3 13:01:03 IST 2001

Sometime today, sachin  g wrote:

> Is it possible that i can have some particular adages
> or wisy words added to my fortune program.

Yes, you'll have to create a new text file and place it
into the /usr/share/games/fortune (or whatever on your
sys) directory.  The file should contain your adages,
separated by a newline-%-newline.  Then you have to
'compile' the file to create a .dat file that contains
pointers to the adages.  Finally, just pass the name of
the file to fortune.  If you use the 'all' option,
fortune takes the file on its own.

Look at the fortune manpage and the web site on how to
compile the text file into a .dat.  They have a tool on
the web.  You can also write your own in 5 mins.


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