[ILUG-BOM] GIMP tutorials

Anand akiyer@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Sep 3 19:38:03 IST 2001

Hello List members,

I am happy to tell you that the first set of GIMP tutorials named 
GIMP-Jr.K.G is ready. This set is meant for absolute beginners.
The next set of tutorials is also being formed.  The effects that these 
tutorials have given are very-very encouraging.*

This set of tutorials gives information on how to use the basic tools 
available with GIMP.
Usage of Rectangular selection, Fuzzy Selection, Blend, Fill, pattern 
fill and other such tools are covered.
Usage of Some Filters and Script-Fu's are also covered.
Creating your own brush and patterns is also dealt with.

This is a set of ten tutorials where each and every step has been 
covered and allows even beginners to easily use the GIMP software.

Total size :45 MB.

* Karnala-GIMP* (partially over, text formatting, tutorial checks under 

Did you know that using simple Script-Fu's of GIMP, you can make more 
than a billion different web themes!!!
This second set of tutorials focuses on how the tools available with 
GIMP can be used to make powerful web themes in a short span of time.
Some 25 exclusive, photographs of Karnala, Monkeys and karnala 
surroundings, form the base of the presentation tutorials.

Topics covered include:
Easy creation of several types of custom buttons, headers, banners, 
arrows and bullets.
Easy creation of Image maps using the ImageMap filter.
Making custom buttons.
Web Presentations.
Complete set of HTML and JavaScript codes used in the pages of the 

Total Size 68 MB.

Time taken for these tutorials are around three months in total.
Plus some expenses, have been incurred.
I am looking for some compensation for these tutorials so that I end up 
at least in a no-loss/no-profit situation.
I doubt weather magazines may be interested in publishing tutorials for 
a non-commercial software like GIMP. Anyway, I plan to approach them. 
Any other ideas are also welcome.


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