[ILUG-BOM] installing win after installing linux

noel seq noelseq@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Sep 4 14:37:02 IST 2001

Hi guys,

I have installed RHL7.1 on my 8gb hdd with 6gb for linux and 2gb for 
win95/98. Now that i have completed the installation, how do i get to the 
2gb partition which i have set aside and install win95/98. I can see the 
partition from linux as fat 16. But booting from floppy does not show this 
partition and i cannot even access it. Fdisk in dos (floppy boot) shows 8gb 
as a single partition while fdisk in linux shows all my partition /boot, 
swap, /root and fat16.

I have not even formatted the fat16 partition. Can i format it as fat16 from 
linux? then probably i can install win95/98 and create a label in lilo. 
Anybody gone through this path before ?



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