[ILUG-BOM] lilo.conf settings

Rama Prasad prasad_rama@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Sep 4 16:33:02 IST 2001


I need small information about lilo.conf file...

In our systems we have two partitions of hard disk,
one is win'2000 and linux 6.2..
while booting lilo file it will ask two options

In one system we observed that there is no paswd
setting in lilo.conf file. But still while booting 
into linux single, it is asking passwd. Using root
authentication, when I opened that /etc/lilo.conf file
I observed that there is no passwd setting in
lilo.conf. I want to know is there any file other than
lilo.conf where i can set the passwd & prevent "linux
single" access.  

Bye,With best regards,-Ramaprasad.M.K.My other e-mail addresses according to the order of preference.mkr_prasad at yahoo.co.in,prasad74 at rediffmail.com

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