[ILUG-BOM] Partition Table

Goldwyn Rodrigues goldwyn_r@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Sep 4 18:28:02 IST 2001

Hi Linuxers,

I freshly installed RH Linux 7.1 on an AM K6-2n with 20 GB HDD. Now I made a 
prrimaryr parrtition of 4 GB and installed win on it. Then booted using a 
linux CD and made the follwing parttitions - 
/dev/hda2  	20 M 	/boot
/dev/hda5	5000M /secy 	of type Dos >=32M

and the /usr /home swap and / in the follwing partitions. However now I when 
I boot in Win I am not able to view the 5 GB dos partition. I rebooted in 
Linux and it shows me there. I formatted the /secy partition using mkosfs -F 
32. An erbooted in Win, still no luck.

Any idea on how i can view it in windows as D: drive?

Goldwyn :o)

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