[ILUG-BOM] Problems with X (SiS 6215c and Sampo Monitor on SuSE 7.1)

Q u a s i quasiabhi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Sep 5 23:15:05 IST 2001

At 03:30 PM 9/4/01 +0530, Kinjal wrote:
>BTW, similar to using VESA mode for the Display card, can we use VESA 
>monitors where we are not fully aware of exact details of monitor? If yes, 
>which one will be the safest?

VESA is a standard for video bios.  Most graphic boards support it.  I dont 
think VESA standard applies to Monitors.  For monitors check the back side 
of the cover to find if it is a VGA or SVGA.  Even if you know this, the 
clock rates and frequencies differ from model to model for various 
resolutions.  But there are a few common ones you could try.  For eg. many 
older monitors (like my Philips 14C) have 800x600 @ 56Hz.  Newer monitors 
may have 60Hz for that resolution.  Monitors with different CRT sizes also 
have different frequencies.  So I guess it is best to refer to the Monitor 
Manual as wrong settings may _physically_ damage it.


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