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Philip S Tellis philip.tellis@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Sep 6 00:51:02 IST 2001

Sometime on Sep 2, Goldwyn Rodrigues assembled some asciibets to say:

> I freshly installed RH Linux 7.1 on an AM K6-2n with 20 GB HDD. Now
> I made a prrimaryr parrtition of 4 GB and installed win on it. Then
> booted using a linux CD and made the follwing parttitions -
> /dev/hda2  	20 M 	/boot
> /dev/hda5	5000M /secy 	of type Dos >=32M
> and the /usr /home swap and / in the follwing partitions. However
> now I when I boot in Win I am not able to view the 5 GB dos
> partition. I rebooted in Linux and it shows me there. I formatted
> the /secy partition using mkosfs -F 32. An erbooted in Win, still no

Ok, the problem really is that windows does not look at the partition
table to determine the type of partition, but at the first 512 bytes on
the partition.  For DOS/Windows partitions, these bytes need to be
zeroed out or something.  fdisk or whatever linux utils you use only
set the partition id, and don't do this zeroing out.  mkosfs creates the
fat and sectors, but again does not zero out the first few bytes.  Your
best bet is to use windows fdisk, delete the partition (which should
show up as non-dos), and re create it, or try
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda5 bs=512, but this is risky.


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