[ILUG-BOM] dns+smtp+pop form djb's den

Trevor Warren trevorwarren@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Sep 6 10:55:05 IST 2001

hiyee there luggers....

   i hav just finished writin these scripts that will
install the complete set of DJB tools from
SOURCE....so that 1 can setup an email server without
havin to read ny FAQ's or installation manuals.....i
just wanted to simplify using DJB's tools... I know it
may not be the best script around....but i wanted to
do it nyway....'-)

  If ny1 finds it useful...use it and let me know how
can i improve it for nyone.....It'll download the
sources from the net and install them on ur
machine....so just keep ur m/c connected while u run
the script....
get the scripts from -->      

Trevor Warren
trevor at freeos.com

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