[ILUG-BOM] Proxy restrictions

shahazad at antispam shahazad@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Sep 6 12:03:03 IST 2001

Hi guys,
recently in my company the sys admin has setup a squid proxy which is now 
restricting me to access yahoo messnger & other services like ftp, telnet etc.
it is only allowing http on 8080.

before my network didnt have a proxy & all requests were going to the router so 
i could directly ping or telnet any server as if i was directly connected to 
the net.

but now as i am behind a proxy i cannot use any service like telnet or ftp ..
& if i telnet to my local proxy & verify my login it logs me in but as no shell 
is provided i get disconnected .. basically all this is done so that we dont 
waste the bandwidth or misuse it... huh ..

now what i want to do is i want to run yahoo messenger/icq, telnet, ftp .. i 
have used Kiwibox for chat but i want to connect through my usual yahoo 
messger/icq ..so how do i go about it ...?

my office proxy is --> Squid/2.3.STABLE4 ..

I am also unable to check my other POP3's except my official one ..

so is there any way .. i could some how tweak or do something to enjoy these 
services ..  ;-)

Thanx in advance

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