[ILUG-BOM] Telnet Server

shailesh bhate shailesh_bhate@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Sep 6 14:55:05 IST 2001

Hi guys!
I just installed RHL 7.1 from the PCQ July CD. I had a "install
everything" install. I created a user on the system and when I try to
telnet to the m/c from Windoze, it says "Connect failed...". 
I then tried to telnet the m/c from the m/c itself. Same problem. 
I could not find inetd on the m/c. But I did find xinetd and ran it. In
I also tried to run telnetd, but it never ran. It said:- 
" telnetd: getpeername: Socket operation on non-socket " 
What could be the problem? 

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