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shahazad at antispam shahazad@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Sep 6 15:39:02 IST 2001

Hi again,
well in my network settings there is no gateway specified .. 
in my tcp/ip settings DHCP is enabled .. (win2000) so its obtaining the ip 
adress & DnS server automatically ..

>From what you say, i think the server has disabled you from getting any 
>outside access.  
--> ya rite .. but there must be a way out .. atleast some how i could be able 
to telnet outside .. 

i tried to go on a website which has a telnet applet which i can access from 
the browser & then connect to another server but even that aint working ..

"LInux LOver" <liloindia at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
In Yahoo Messenger Select - Login ->Preferences ->Connections->Select use
proxy and fill in ur proxy details.
---> oh bouy i have tried all that .. thats the usual way we connect to the 
proxy but even that aint working ..

& every time i start my browser & give a URL ..squid asks me for a login & 
passwd which is similar to the official mail id i have as squid & the mail 
server r running on the same server.. is there any way i could bypass that 
authorization or save the passwd .. coz in win2000 the "remember passwd" 
& "save passwd" really doesnt save it for the next use..


>From: shahazad at linuxplanet.nu

>recently in my company the sys admin has setup a squid proxy which is now
>restricting me to access yahoo messnger & other services like ftp, telnet
>it is only allowing http on 8080.
>i could directly ping or telnet any server as if i was directly connected
>the net.
you cannot ping to any outside address ? connect to any website?
can you ping other machines in your network.
You should set up your client to point to port 8080 of your gateway.
>now what i want to do is i want to run yahoo messenger/icq, telnet, ftp ..
use the same port for your messenger.
>I am also unable to check my other POP3's except my official one ..

uh huh. From what you say, i think the server has disabled you from getting any 
outside access. check your gateway settings if they are proper.



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