[ILUG-BOM] Proxy restrictions

dodobh at nettaxi.com dodobh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Sep 6 21:28:02 IST 2001

shahazad at linuxplanet.nu spewed into the ether:
<snip attempts to go outside the company firewall>

>"LInux LOver" <liloindia at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
>In Yahoo Messenger Select - Login ->Preferences ->Connections->Select use
>proxy and fill in ur proxy details.
>---> oh bouy i have tried all that .. thats the usual way we connect to the 
>proxy but even that aint working ..
So ask yourself why you are not allowed to do this?
BTW, if you try to break company policy, you are likely to get
terminated from your job. If I was your admin, I would be taking up
this matter with senior management and taking steps to get you fired.
If you cannot work wthout YM or other facilities, take the matter up with management and get the policy changed.

>& every time i start my browser & give a URL ..squid asks me for a login & 
>passwd which is similar to the official mail id i have as squid & the mail 
>server r running on the same server.. is there any way i could bypass that 
>authorization or save the passwd .. coz in win2000 the "remember passwd" 
>& "save passwd" really doesnt save it for the next use..
No, you do not have that choice. That is asked by squid, which will force authentication.

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