[ILUG-BOM] Support Services for Linux Based Environment

K M kamathnish@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Sep 7 19:00:06 IST 2001


My company is setting up a number of linux desktops
and servers in our offices at Delhi, Bombay, Indore
and . Since there is a lack of appropriately trained
personnel, the management is considering outsourcing
some of the initial setup and the subsequent software
support services. I wanted to find out of there are
any firms in Delhi and Bombay which offer such
services for Linux environment and what is the range
of annual / per call charges. I have been told that
Red Hat has also setup its operations in India but I
haven't been able to find out their contact and
service details. Please mail me information regarding
linux services and Red Hat's India operations.

Thank you,


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