[ILUG-BOM] Problems with X (SiS 6215c and Sampo Monitor on SuSE 7.1)

Kinjal Sonpal kinjalsonpal@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Sep 7 19:58:04 IST 2001

Q u a s i  wrote on Wednesday, September 05, 2001

> VESA is a standard for video bios.  Most graphic boards support
it.  I dont
> think VESA standard applies to Monitors.  For monitors check
the back side

Thanks for clearing my fundaas. I never really knew abt it.
Thanks again.

> of the cover to find if it is a VGA or SVGA.  Even if you know
this, the
> clock rates and frequencies differ from model to model for
> resolutions.  But there are a few common ones you could try.
For eg. many
> older monitors (like my Philips 14C) have 800x600 @ 56Hz.
Newer monitors
> may have 60Hz for that resolution.  Monitors with different CRT
sizes also
> have different frequencies.  So I guess it is best to refer to
the Monitor
> Manual as wrong settings may _physically_ damage it.

Okay, we were able to configure the video card, and the X was
also up. We used the X server for SiS cards which is available at
SuSE's ftp site. Everything works fine, except :

1> The screen flickers a lot, specially when there is some action
(kbd as well as mouse). Think this the refresh rate is not
properly set. Let me see.
2> The default GUI config util, SaX, is still not being able to
run. Even if we manually set it to xsis by command line switch.
It gives us an error *xsis server not installed on this machine*.
This means SaX is not finding the xsis server. May be some soft
link is reqd. Any idea regarding where the other X-servers are
installed ? Any one with exp. with SuSE plz help.

Thanks a lot.

Warm Regards,
$ sonpal -kj

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