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Sat Sep 8 00:21:03 IST 2001

	(Yeah, I know I should have used a more "meaningful subject" '-)

	My 2 HDD's have got some strange ailment (power surge?) and are in their 
death throes.  Soon I may be left up the room without the paddle... err the 
PC.  What I want to know is, is it possible to have a bootable CD with 
linux which I can use when them spinners die on me.  I have already begged 
and borrowed these two from my friends, I have no hope for other.
	All I need is a minimal system which runs CMUCL + Emacs (+ ilisp).  If I 
can have X running with a browser it will be truly wonderful.  But how does 
one deal with all the files which get written automatically?  the error 
records, the /var files, etc?  RAMDisk?
	Can any (good Samaritan) with a CD-Writer, do me a huge favour and create 
this CD for me?  And if the good Samaritan with the CD-Writer does not know 
how to do it, can other good Samaritans without CD-Writers help him (and 
me) out?

	The other option would be a bootable floppy.  What OS would it be?  and 
how much stuff of the above be accommodated on it?


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