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   I got this news from Linux Daily News. Perhaps old, but I thought it
is interesting.


Red Hat To Make India A Primary Business Base

NEW DELHI, INDIA, 2001 SEP 7 (NB) -- By Staff,
Computer Times. Linux operating system software
developer Red Hat  will locate most of its software
development and support operations to India,
excluding its US facilities, the company said.

Red Hat is planning to set up a development and
support center in the country by mid-2002 to relocate
and consolidate some of its current operations in
Philippines, the U.K., Australia and Japan.

Javed Tapia, director of Red Hat India, said the
company would like to set up a global support center
in India because of the low cost of doing business and
the pool of available of technical skills in the

"Indian operations will be, any time, cheaper than
similar operations in other countries," Tapia said.

The company initially would start the center with
around 60 engineers and would scale up its operations
over a time, Tapia said.

Red Hat has tied up with Software Technology Group
(STG) for Linux training and certification courses all
over India. STG initially will offer three 32-hour
Linux courses in its 125 training centers. "These
courses would help software professionals and students
in enhancing their skills in Linux to increase their
job prospects," Tapia said.

Red Hat India is a joint venture between Red Hat Inc,
and Pune-based Clover Technologies. The Indian company
was set up in January this year.

Red Hat India also is responsible for promoting
business operations in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and
Pakistan. Apart from Red Hat Linux operating system,
the company also offers Web server and credit card
verification software in India.

Reported by Newsbytes.com, http://www.newsbytes.com

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