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Goldwyn Rodrigues goldwyn_r@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Sep 8 10:18:03 IST 2001

To start with edit your smb.conf
change or uncomment
encrypt passwords = yes

Then if you want to make it a NT domain ( which is preferable)
domain master = yes
preferred master = yes

restart Samba by issuing the command as root - 
/etc/rc.d/init.d/smb restart

issue the command -
smbadduser user_on_unix:user_on_windows
where user_on_windows is any arbit name ... i prefer to keep both the same.
give the password ... nothing ( ie blank) is a good choice to start with

In your network config in windoze98 check (th \e checkbox) logon to NT Domain 
(use the domain as MYGROUP)
Reboot and in login the login  window give domain name as MYGROUP and 
user_in_win with the appropriate password.

now u shud be able to browse your home directories in Linux. If the box asks 
for a password give the password provided in smbadduser.

This shud do the work. Howeevr first try to check with the connectivity and 
then buil dup security.

Hope this helps.
Goldwyn :o)

On Friday 07 September 2001 09:33 am, you wrote:
> Hiee,
> How r u?
> I m a new linuxuser searching for a proper solution as
> soon as possible
> I need some help from u
> i installed linux7.1 pcquest linux (seawolf) on my
> server now i need to configure it. i need to configure
> it as a server. how should i configure it?
> i given ip address to my server and my
> client is
> i m able to ping other windows98 client & i can ping
> from my win98 clietns to linux server
> The details r as follows in order to understand u the
> problem better
> Domain name : linux_domain
> host : linux_host.linux.domain
> ip address of server :
> ip address of win98 client :
> i configured samba server but its not working
> previously it was showing MYGROUP in network
> neighbourhood but was not accessibly
> it was giving some error : not accessible
> i given name in samba server : MYGROUP
> if u can help me out of this problem i will be very
> thankful to u
> My problem is : i need to configure linux server with
> samba server or without samba server to share linux
> directories in windows 98 network neighbourhood
> i want to share linux directories from my windows98
> clients
> Thanx
> Satsonic
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