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aditya newalkar adityanewalkar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Sep 8 15:12:02 IST 2001

	Threads on Linux are a lot different from other OSes.

1)	Linux threads are NOT kernel level threads but user
level threads.  That means while the thread is running
in a multithreaded program, the kernel DOES NOT know
whether a process is running or a thread is running.

2)	Though linux supports a lot of mechanisms
absolutely essential for multithreaded mechanisms like
mutexes, spin locks; it still has a lot of problems as
far as porting of  multithreaded applications to Linux
is concerned.

3)	While other TRUE UNIXes like SUN SOLARIS, DEC UNIX,
HPUX have support for recognizing mutexes across the
process boundries, becoz of the abv mentioned
limitations, Linux cannot recognize them.  So
multithreaded multiprocessing application written for
Solaris might not compile on Linux.

4)	SOme pointers on Linux threads: go to redhat.com
and give query "PORTING SOLARIS THREADS".  There are
some nice white papers published which describe the
limitations of Linux threads.

--- Manish Jethani <cruisecoder at yahoo.com> wrote:
> What's the bad thing about threads on Linux?  How is
> multi-threading on Linux different from other OSes?
> Tnx.
> Manish
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