[ILUG-BOM] Encryption program

Manish Jethani cruisecoder@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Sep 9 18:56:02 IST 2001

Sometime today, Philip S Tellis wrote:

> Sometime Today, Devdas Bhagat assembled some asciibets to say:
> > I know of assembly, C, C++, C--, C#, VB, VB script, Java,

What is C--?  Can you point me to the homepage or something?

Since you've included VBScript, there's PythonScript and maybe
PerlScript (for ASP).

JSP, ASP, Lex may be considered languages (but...).

> > Javascript, Perl, Python, PHP, D, Ruby, BCPL, COBOL, Ada,
> > Fortran, scheme, smalltalk, lisp, emacslisp, pascal, delphi,

Eiffel!  Algol?

> > VJ++, shell. What else?

Sorry, VJ++ is NOT a language.

> JScript, VB.Net (different from VB), html (I can say hello

You can also say hello world in WML and any other XML (this, if
you pass it through the right XML processor).  In VoiceXML you
can literally 'say' hello world.  ;)

> world in that), dos shell, Foxpro (XBase actually), SQL, D2K,
> [snip]
> BrainF*ck, and less known, but well used ones like pike (used

Objective C.

What was the first programming language ever used?

Lady Ada Lovelace used punch cards for Babbage's analytical
engine.  What language was that?  :)


We all agree on the necessity of compromise.  We just can't
agree on when it's necessary to compromise.
	-- Larry Wall

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