[ILUG-BOM] transparent proxy

Mahesh Gharat mahesh_gharat@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Oct 3 13:11:03 IST 2001

Hi Shahazad,
	Sorry that I didn't replied promptly(..I was offline for three days).

You have to enable routing on the server.(If you are using linuxconf for configuration then you can do it by checking the checkbox in the Routing/Gateways option).
You really don't have to enable ip_forwarding.

The dns of the win98 client will be the ip of your proxy server(If you are running nameserver on the same machine and if you are not then the dns ip's provided by your ISP will work fine.)
So in any case the dns order will be the proxyserver IP followed by the IPs provided by the ISP.

Reply back if have any relative problem.

				Mahesh Gharat
			mahesh_gharat at rediffmail.com

On Fri, 28 Sep 2001 shahazad at linuxplanet.nu wrote :
> Thanx for the info mahesh,
> well i have coupla things more to clear up,
> [1] do i have to enable ip_forwaring in /proc
> [2] what should be in the dns of the win98 client.
> thanx in advance
> cheers~
> </shahazad>

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