[ILUG-BOM] Graphics libraries for C

S. Krishnan sri_krishnan@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Oct 3 21:55:06 IST 2001

--- Suryaprakash Kompalli <kompalli at cse.Buffalo.EDU>
> Hello,
> 	Does anyone know what graphics libraries / X
> windows libraries we
> can to use if we want to do 2D graphics in C (under
> Linux/Unix). I cannot
> use OpenGL :(...

1. GTK+ (www.gtk.org)
2. QT (trolltech.com)
3. wxWindows (look for it)
4. Motif
5. Lesstif (a GPL'd Motif clone: again, search)
6. Xlib - if you're a masochist

and several others that I do not know the names of or
else cannot recollect.



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