[ILUG-BOM] mirroring the installations over a LAN ? / kernel related query

rahul saxena rahulsaxon@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Oct 5 22:25:05 IST 2001

hello people,
                 these are newbie questions.. but i couldnt find answers 
anywhere !!!

is there any utility of replicating a linx installation over a LAN ... some 
how have the same installation over all the hosts on that network?

Also i have a kernel related query !

during configuring the modules and the make of the kernel.. there are 
option like sound support or video support or suport for specific devices ?
my question is ?? what files  are included in the kernel when such support 
is compiled in , are these the drivers for such devices or support files or 
kernel function or what??

-thanks for having a look !


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