[ILUG-BOM] [OT] Satyam Online & nttp

Harshal Patil harshalpatil@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Oct 8 15:15:05 IST 2001

anybody using satyam's interenet conn.? i can connect to their service,
brows the web, send/recieve
emails. but i cannot connect to my nttp server (no the server is not
down, i can conn. through VSNL). it seems that they might have disabled
port 119.(don't know why?) is there any way still left. can i make use
of any other port? how? like emulating something (please bear with me, i
donno much about networking & TCP/IP).
by the way i tried to contact to their help desk, but the no. always
returns with no reply. i'm using knode & pan. (in windows i also tried
OE, but same results :-( 
Linux-Mandrake 8.0

Registered GNU/Linux User #188850

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