[ILUG-BOM] Q on fundas

Sandeep Periwal sandeep_from@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Oct 9 12:24:03 IST 2001

When sending emails, I have set my Linux Box to
represent as "aaaaaa.com", which is a non existing
Now if I send an email from this linux box [aaaaaa.com
domian] to some yahoo.com address which does not
exist, say bbbbb at yahoo.com, then the Yahoo SMTP will
bounce this mail back.
The Yahoo SMTP will bouce the mail back to the SMTP of
aaaaaa.com [ which does not exist ].
So what will happen to the bounce back mail.
WHat will yahoo's SMTP do.throw it in >>NULL, or what.

If I understand the SMTP / TCPIP correctly then this
mail will be bounced back to my linux box then &
But what if my linux box gives it to the yahoo SMPT
which has along que, and I disconnect my Linux box
from the internet.

I hope I have been able to exlpain my query.
Just getting some fundas cleared.

ANy comments.

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