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Sandeep Periwal sandeep_from@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Oct 10 12:55:05 IST 2001

Hi Philip,
I used YAHOO as just an example, it could be any SMTP,
But ur last part did anser my question.
The recving SMTP will do a MX lookup and upon not able
to find the respectibve IP it will dump it to the
local SMTP postmaster.

> I'm assuming that yahoo blocks non-existent domains
> from sending mail.
> It depends on how the mail is being sent.  If your
> smtp server connects
> directly to yahoo's smtp server then the mail will
> be rejected before it
> even leaves your machine.  Not because the
> destination account does not
> exist, but because the source domain does not exist.
> If you send your mail through a smart host, then it
> depends on how your
> smart host is configured.  If it is configured to
> block non-existent
> domains, then same problem.  If non-existent domains
> are allowed to
> connect, then the mail will go to your smart host,
> but will be rejected
> from yahoo.
> Now, assuming that the mail has in fact managed to
> get out of your
> system, and got somewhere - either your smart host,
> or yahoo.  It will
> bounce for one of the two reasons.  Where does it
> bounce to?
> The server that is bouncing the mail will basically
> do a MX lookup for
> the destination domain (aaaaa.com), but will not
> find it.  It will
> realise that it cannot return the mail, so will
> check what it is
> configured to do in such cases.  In most cases, it
> would be configured
> to bounce the mail to a postmaster in its own
> domain, and this it what
> it does.
> Does that answer your question?
> Philip
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