[ILUG-BOM] Debugging svgalib programs ?

Bhushan Tiwari lihnucs@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Oct 11 14:15:06 IST 2001

Hi Everyone,

How can I debug an svgalib application ?

I used gdb but the display got stuck, I was able to change my tty's but
couldn't see anything as the screen turned blank. I had NUM lock ON in the
second tty, so when I pressed ALT+F2 I could see the NUM Lock LED on and
in when I pressed ALT+F1 it turned off.

Finally I had to kill the application blindly by typing "killall appname",
and then the display restored, but I wasn't able to get any suggestions
from gdb for debugging purpose.

I tried debugging in X using xxgdb, but the case was worse, I had to
reboot using "ctrl+alt+del".


Bhushan Tiwari.

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