[ILUG-BOM] Openldap server with authorization.

dodobh at nettaxi.com dodobh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Oct 14 15:21:02 IST 2001

Rakesh Tiwari spewed into the ether:

>has any one set up a OpenLDAP directory services that requires
>username/password verification before being served.
Which version of OpenLDAP? If it is 2.0.x, did you configure your ACLs?
To allow anonymous read access, use access to * by * read in slapd.conf.

>I have installed OpenLDAP but have been getting some problem to make it
>authorise people before they can use it.
You can try to configure SASL. This is horribly documented, but you will need to make a ldap.conf file in /usr/lib/sasl

Devdas Bhagat

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