[ILUG-BOM] Wat abt our Linux in Schools/Colleges initiative

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Mon Nov 5 22:50:07 IST 2001

I am all for this.
Do let me know how I can contribute to anyone in anyway.


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hey all u luggers........


  Just last week i was conductin trainin for Novel.
And guess wat, durin the trainin it just came up that
novell was drawin up a game plan towards attackin
schools/colleges with Netware/NDS and a whole lot of
crappy s/w.

 I guess it's high time we got into aktion.....I hav
been tryin to do my bit for the past 1.5 years at
various Engineerin colleges evangelin abt Open Source.
I am of the opinion lets get to it before these other
guys grab the moolah outta our aldready impoverished
education system. 

 We can pick up clues from the K12 Education
initiative in the U.S.

Lets get started.......atleast i want to start with 1
Engineernig college all over Maharashtra every 2-3

Lets see some AKTION.....

Trevor Warren

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