[ILUG-BOM] Wat abt our Linux in Schools/Colleges initiative

Manish Jethani cruisecoder@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Nov 6 18:27:10 IST 2001

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> I like the last part about "cultivating interest during...".
> I feel School is a better level, say 6-7 std. onwards.
> So by the time they are in XII they will have a fair
> understanding of the OS & can get on with C programming,
> and greatly contribute to the Open Source community.
> The basics must  be imbibed at that stage.

Nice thought, but don't you think 6-7 std. students have better
things to do?  You want to put them onto Linux and C
programming???  How many of those students will choose a career
in computers :)) and how many of these will choose open source
as their path?  Don't think too many!


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