[ILUG-BOM] Wat abt our Linux in Schools/Colleges initiative

Bhushan Tiwari lihnucs@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Nov 7 14:41:03 IST 2001

I suggest is, we can have a big Workshop/Seminar of one full day. Our
volunteers will visit different colleges and invite students and also
professors for the workshop.

Volunteers will give a brief Linux introduction at the colleges  and
invite them for advanced topics ( Custom Distro, Programming, Linux
Localization, Server Setups etc..) at the Seminar.

Having seminars at different colleges is very time consuming, we can
at the most have only 2-3 seminars a month, by the time we reach 6-7
colleges, their regular exams will be getting started and also with the
number of volunteers we have, reaching 6 colleges in 2 months is a big

The Seminar/Workshop can be held at any college auditorium, or may be at

When I had taken a lecture on Linux at Patkar college, Goregaon,
students there were more keen to know the alternatives to MS Applications
and how could they implement it.

Giving them a customised distro wouldn't be helpfull if they don't even
know the applications available in Linux. I support the development of
customised Distro, instead we can involve interested students from
colleges in this process who in turn will be promoting it in their
respective circles.

Having a common seminar for everyone will help us present in a better way.
There won't be a time barrier as when doing at colleges. This way we can
target large and interested audience.

We can invite private institutions also and can have sponsors for the seminar.
Some volunteers can go to commercial organisations for sponsorship.

Bhushan Tiwari

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