[ILUG-BOM] To be a part of the game you have to play game

nici bhatt nici_bom@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Nov 8 18:22:02 IST 2001


my subject make's it more clear what my intension is. and that is if you 
want to push linux as major desktop os then you have to play the game the 
way your competitor play.

so first what i am looking for is protocol the way we look entire network in 
win95/win98/w2k that is uses netbui protocol if you remove this and you will 
see nothing so is there anybody who can contribute to this development on 
linux where by you can easily plug your desktop in this kind of protocol and 
look around full network.

i know this will not help much because your file system will be different so 
it's of no help but still this can help us to the protocol level where all 
services talking to each other in windows network and you have that, then 
your work is much simple to push the desktop in this kind of network. We can 
work out at file system level at second stage.

So is there anyone who can contribute to protocol level development or some 
one interested in such idiot work I know this sound’s like crazy idea but 
some how I faced this problem and I want to overcome this.

So anybody there……..?


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