[ILUG-BOM] To be a part of the game you have to play game

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The strategy is spot on.

But I think that ground is covered, samba does it for us.

How is this different from Samba kicking butt in the SMB / NMB area.

With Samba integration into a tcp/ip Windows network is painless. (Aren't
most Windows networks tcp/ip based anyways?)


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> Hi
> my subject make's it more clear what my intension is. and that is if you
> want to push linux as major desktop os then you have to play the game the
> way your competitor play.
> so first what i am looking for is protocol the way we look entire
> network in
> win95/win98/w2k that is uses netbui protocol if you remove this
> and you will
> see nothing so is there anybody who can contribute to this development on
> linux where by you can easily plug your desktop in this kind of
> protocol and
> look around full network.
> i know this will not help much because your file system will be
> different so
> it's of no help but still this can help us to the protocol level
> where all
> services talking to each other in windows network and you have that, then
> your work is much simple to push the desktop in this kind of
> network. We can
> work out at file system level at second stage.
> So is there anyone who can contribute to protocol level
> development or some
> one interested in such idiot work I know this sound’s like crazy idea but
> some how I faced this problem and I want to overcome this.
> So anybody there

> nici
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