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S. Krishnan sri_krishnan@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Nov 8 20:04:02 IST 2001


--- nici bhatt <nici_bom at hotmail.com> wrote:

> my subject make's it more clear what my intension
> is. and that is if you 
> want to push linux as major desktop os then you have
> to play the game the 
> way your competitor play.

That is a debatable point, but you are correct at
least as far as ordinary (non-power) users are
> so first what i am looking for is protocol the way
> we look entire network in 
> win95/win98/w2k that is uses netbui protocol if you
> remove this and you will 
> see nothing so is there anybody who can contribute
> to this development on 
> linux where by you can easily plug your desktop in
> this kind of protocol and 
> look around full network.

I presume that what you are saying is that the NetBEUI
protocol is what the various Windows OSes use to
communicate.  However, NetBEUI is a legacy (outdated)
protocol that uses NetBIOS over a non-routable
transport, and is deprecated.  The only reason Win2K
supports NetBEUI, if it does at all, is for legacy
system support on the network.

Windows servers communicate using the SMB (Server
Message Block) protocol, which till Win 9x/ NT was
layered over NetBIOS over TCP/IP>  However, I believe
Win2K provides direct SMB support over TCP/IP.

> i know this will not help much because your file
> system will be different so 
> it's of no help but still this can help us to the
> protocol level where all 
> services talking to each other in windows network
> and you have that, then 
> your work is much simple to push the desktop in this
> kind of network. We can 
> work out at file system level at second stage.

AFAIK, this has already been realized with the Samba
project (http://samba.org).  The Samba project
provides a free GPL implemnetation of SMB and NetBIOS
services on UNIX/ Linux boxen, which allows these
systems to transparently provide a very large subset
of Windows NT/ 2000 file and print server
functionality to Windows client machines, including
WINS support, et al.  The latest iteration of Samba,
with the Winbind additions, provides native Windows NT
style domain authentication capabilities to Samba, or
so I have read.

> So is there anyone who can contribute to protocol
> level development or some 
> one interested in such idiot work I know this
> sound’s like crazy idea but 
> some how I faced this problem and I want to overcome
> this.

This should not be necessary, given the success of



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