[ILUG-BOM] Using Win2000 Boot Loader.

S. Krishnan sri_krishnan@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Nov 9 14:18:03 IST 2001

--- Abhishek Gupta <abhi_shek at rediffmail.com> wrote:
> Hi there,
>  Just wanted to ask about how do we boot linux using
> the windows
>  2000 boot loader. One way is mentioned in the
> linuxdocs that we
>  extract first 512 bytes using dd= ....  command,
> and copy this
>  image to the windows drive , adding it to the
> boot.ini. but this
>  doesnt work et al. So if anyone pl. can help on
> this.....

Dunno why it doesn't work for you.  I have a WinNT/
FreeBSD system set up this way, and it has worked
perfectly for me since the last 6 months or so.  I
followed the exact procedure given in the HOWTO,
except that my bootloader is FreeBSD's BootEasy and
not LILO.  Incidentally, the boot system is now
changed since I find BootEasy a more reliable boot
loader than NT.

The machine on which I have set this up actually
originally had only a 20 GB HDD, on which I had first
installed an NT partition in the first 4 GB, and then
a BSD parition of 4 GB.  It booted using the NT boot
loader.  The remaining disk space was given to NT. 
Subsequently I added a 40 GB HDD to this box, and
removed the BSD partition on the first HDD, which I
gave over entirely to NT.  The second HDD (40 GB) was
formatted with the first 20 GB section for FreeBSD and
the remaining space for NT (again!).  I then
reinstalled the FreeBSD system so that its bootloader
would install on the first HDD and come up with an
option to boot either NT off Disk 0 or BSD off Disk 1.
 The only thing you have to remember is that you have
to get all this done before reinstalling NT/ 2K on the
first HDD if you're putting another boot loader on
Disk 1.  However, AFAIK, this problem will not arise
if you're using the NT loader.

Why don't you review what you had done the last time
around against the procedure mentioned in the HOWTO
and then try it again?  



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