[ILUG-BOM] Red Hat Linux 7.2 ...dissapointin

Dr. Sharukh K. R. Pavri. spavri@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Nov 10 14:26:02 IST 2001

Trevor Warren [Thu Nov 08, 2001 at 09:42:06AM -0800]:
> hey luggers....
>    just tried out RH7.2. Read abt ext3 support and
> Journaling File System usin ext3.
>    On a freshly installed RH7.2 m/c, decided to test
> FS consistency in absence of a proper shutdown. The
> very 1st time i switched off the power
> directly........my installation CRASHED.......
>    had to manually get into maintainence mode and run
> fsck for next 10 mins......uuuggghhh
> ReiserFS rulz.....when will RH learn....:D
> Trevor Warren

I've never faced this problem w/ rh 7.1 kernel 2.4.9 & ext3. works like a
peach. Just says / was not unmonted cleanly....recovering journal...[OK] and
no fsck is required, same for /home too. I've been thru this atleast fifty
times in the lst couple of months or so.



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