[ILUG-BOM] rhce exam in bombay ?

Bhushan Tiwari lihnucs@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Dec 12 11:51:03 IST 2001

On Tue, 11 Dec 2001, Un|tZ wrote:

> hello friends,
> i am hoping that any of you would know the address of the RedHat office in
> Bombay - India. It seems that NIIT has stopped conductng RHCE exams. And
> they say that the exams are being conducted by the RedHat office in Bombay.
> Any contact details of the office in Bombay.? Please do share it with me.
> Thanking you
> Dharmesh

Redhat Office in Bombay is in "Mittal Towers" , Churchgate. I don't know
the block no.

ßhushån Tïwårï

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