[ILUG-BOM] OT- Win NT security evaluation

Kishor Bhagwat aaaaarrrgghhh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Dec 13 09:29:03 IST 2001

I've been studying aspects of Windows NT security, and I came across an
interesting bit of information which i thought of sharing...
There is a body called National Computer Security Center in the US Dept of
Defense.They guys basically evaluate the security
of computer systems and certify a _particular_configuration at a certain
level from A to D, where A is the highest level of security.
It seems that Windows NT was certified at C2 level on a Compaq ProLiant
2000, running Version 3.51 of NT, as per the Orange Book
Now, surprise surprise, the Orange Book is for standalone systems only!
Windows NT was never evaluated on the Red Book,which provides an
interpretation of the security criteria for networked systems!!!
There, now u guys know why its the favorite target....

ps:of course, linux flavours are the second-most favourite...;-)   (ducks
for cover...)

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